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My story

Once upon a time...

In our day to day, there are thousands of things requiring our attention. We go running through tasks forgetting the only thing that belongs to  us, something that we have to take care of every day… ourselves! 

In search of finding ourselves we discover sublime feelings  in different stages of life…we live, smile, embrace, talk, fall in love, enjoy, and fill ourselves with happiness! 

Thanks to my devotion to tea, I’ve found a blissful path to myself and being able to share my passion with you for the selection, preparation and enjoyment of tea is a dream come true.

Looking for the best varieties, natural fragrances which fill the air with sensations...heating the water, the whistling of the teapot…there is serenity: my cup of tea, in my hands, warming up my soul.

This little while  is unique, unrepeatable, divine! 

Without realizing it, I had dedicated this time to myself. In that instant I understood that my "tea" moment has arrived!

The fullness had come with a cup of the best tea!

In your hands I leave the choice, the preparation, and the joy!

Take a deep breath, blow, take a gentle sip, tea it your life!


                   With a bunch of tea blooms  Deya                          



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