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Black Tea & Blends

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Black tea is the most intense in taste, tasty and stimulating. It is ideal to take at breakfast or to tone the mind at any time of the day. In pure they emphasize the famous Darjeeling, Ceylon and Assam. In aromatized blends are as popular as Earl Gray, English Breakfast or Pakistani, delicious with milk.


To prepare a Black Tea pour freshly boiled water over the leaves. Basically you should take one level teaspoon per cup and add a further teaspoon for the teapot from five cups upwards.  The pot should be covered during infusion. The lighter the tea the shorter the infusion time. Darjeeling e. g. needs 2 to 4 minutes. Malty powerful Assam however will need easily 5 minutes to brew. As a general rule: A shortly brewed black tea is stimulating because of the contained caffeine. After a longer infusion time the caffeine is more and more tied by the tannins and therefore less and less stimulating. After more than 5 minutes infusion time the tea can take in a bitter note.

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