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Drinking tea is meditative

Updated: May 7, 2019

Drinking tea consciously - using all five senses - can become a wonderful form of meditation andan oasis of energy in hectic day-to-day life. Let this guide to meditation lead you into the here and now. Maybe you'll take away some ideas to think about the next time you go through your own tea ritual:Drinking tea as a form of mindfulness meditation: This means heightening your awareness of what is and simply taking it in without judgment. Grab your favourite tea and begin to concentrate fully: 


Focus all your attention on what you perceive at this moment. The mug of tea in your hands. How does it feel? What is the mould and colour of the mug out of which the steam from your favourite tea is rising? Listen to the moment. What can you hear? Silence, or are there noises? Turn your attention to the surface of the liquid in your mug. What colour is it? Does it smell like anything? Maybe you'd like to blow on the surface of the tea before drinking it. Observe how the water begins to ripple. Take a few deep breaths through your nose before taking the first sip. Then lift the mug to your mouth and feel how the warm aroma reaches your lips and, eventually, the taste buds on your tongue. How does it feel? Warm? Soft? What can you taste? Are there any nuances in flavour that only develop after you hold the tea in your mouth for a moment? Is there an aftertaste? What does it remind you of? ... while drinking this special cup of tea, try to focus your concentration on what your senses are perceiving at this moment. After the last sip, breathe deeply through your nose once more. How do you feel now?

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